Live at the Royal Carré Theatre


DVD 2003
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Track List

01. We're Still Here
02. Hideaway Hill
03. Circle of Life
04. The Only Love I Had
05. The Road To Where You Are
06. Starting Here Again
07. Precious Stone
08. Sweet Aloha
09. Welcome To the Rest of Your Life
10. The Family Tree
11. Stuck In the Middle with You
12. Always
13. Baby's Calling
14. Most of Us
15. End of the World
16. World Upon my Back
17. The Man You Think I Am
18. Think Again
19. If I Were You
20. One Quiet Day

Live at the Royal Carre Theatre DVD - Family Feature
01. In my Adobe Hacienda
02. Scarborough Faire


Think Again


One Quiet Day


End of the World


We're Still Here


The Only Love I Had