Live in Hollywood


DVD 2010
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Disc 1 - Electric Set
1.   All My Life
2.   Time
3.   Sacrifice The Fool
4.   Save the Legion
5.   Kaylee
6.   Change in the Season
7.   Pat's Cajamas
8.   Hard Life
9.   Ocean
10.   I'll Be Drivin'
11.   People Laugh
12.   Mr. Lonely
13.   Pushed Her Too Far
14.   Ball and Chain
Disc 2 - Accoustic set
1.   Rivers Never Run
2.   Save the Legion
3.   People Laugh
4.   Star Spangled Banner
5.   Jenny



Change in the Season



Back in March of 1990, Venice had just finished recording our major label debut album with the classic 7-member lineup that we now refer to as "The Magnificent Seven." This lineup featured longtime Venice legend and fan favorite Mark Harris on the bass, drummer Scott Crago, who later became a permanent touring and recording member of The Eagles, and keyboardist Monroe Jones, who is now a Grammy-winning record producer working out of Nashville. This was an era of longer hair and a bigger rock sound, but even then, we had our signature harmonies. It was a golden time for us. We were selling out LA clubs like the Troubadour, the Roxy and the Whisky, and we were just starting to tour the US. We also played a few concerts at a music school in Hollywood, CA, which were filmed, recorded and attended by career-minded musicians (more "listeners" than "party-ers", hence their subdued response). Highlights from those shows make up this DVD. Because the masters were stored in a vault for 20 years, the video and audio quality isn’t always up to the high standards we like to maintain on new releases. But despite the occasional hiss and crackle, it offers a rare glimpse back to an earlier era of the band. And it's a lot of fun. Yeah, so maybe the pants are a little high-waisted. It was hip at the time...