Motel Westcoast



Motel Westcoast



Track list
1.   Listen to the Music  
2.   Big Yellow Taxi  
3.   This Is It  
4.   The Last Resort  
5.   It's So Easy to Fall in Love  
6.   Short People  
7.   Woodstock (Venice)
8.   Desperado (Venice)
9.   Ricky Don't Lose that Number (Venice)
10.   Our House (Venice)
11.   Go Your Own Way (Venice)
12.   Long Train Running (Venice)
13.   Never Let Her Slip Away  
14.   Lonely Boy  
15.   C.C.R. Medley  
16.   You've Got a Friend  
17.   Hold the Line  
18.   Ride Like the Wind  
19.   When I Get Over You (Venice)
20.   Always (Venice)
21.   The Family Tree (Venice)
22.   We're OK (Venice)
23.   If I Were You (Venice)
24.   Feelin' Alright Medley (Venice)
25.   Flower Power Medley  
26.   Hotel California  

The legendary concert that "Motel Westcoast" gave together with the band Venice in the 'Heineken Music Hall' in Amsterdam, and broadcasted on radio for more then 1.100.000 listeners is now available on CD and DVD.

You can buy this CD/DVD here.

We're OK


When I Get Over You