Venetian Vinyl


Venetian Vinyl Venetian Vinyl
LP 2015
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Track list
side one:
1. Rivers Never Run
2. When I Get Over You
3. The Family Tree
4. The Point
5. Hold Me
6. The Road To Where You Are
side two:
1. Things That Always Make Me Think Of You
2. Father Time
3. Blue Ocean Park Waltz
4. Katrina
5. Two Places At One Time
6. That’s The Way It Is
side three:
1. It’s Time
2. The Romance That Never Was
3. Ashes In The Snow
4. Language Of The Heart
5. Isabelle
6. What Summer Brings
side four:
1. Back To The Well
2. Oh Bahia
3. We’re OK
4. 15 Presents
5. It’s Too Late For Me Now