Michael Lennon's Newsletter

Dear friends,

Let me start by apologizing for the long silence. I came home from the awesome Ven-ish tour and went right into the studio with a new artist, Christian Dupree, that hired me to produce and engineer his record. I've been working countless hours, while looking forward to diving back into writing and recording new Venice songs.....finally!

For those of you who followed the Ven-ish tour online, I haven't forgotten, I still owe you "part 2" of the home movies and photos of the Dutch Ven-ish tour...highlighting that amazing experience. That will come soon. ;)

"The boys" are due back from the European Roger Waters "The Wall" tour by mid-July, and we are excited about getting back on the Venetian horse and doing some live gigs. You can find out about all the upcoming shows at, but I thought I'd highlight a few that are extra special.

On July 29 & 30, Venice will co-headline a Lennon Family benefit concert at the Lennon Lounge (Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club) with....get ready...The Lennon Sisters! This is the first and maybe the last time this will happen. Special guests on the bill will be Kipp and Pat's brothers and sister-in-law, The Lennon Brothers & Gail Lennon. You'll also get a taste of Ven-ish and performances by other family members. All of the groups will be supporting each other, and you can expect some interesting combo performances. You won't want to miss this one! Proceeds to benefit the Woman's Club with partial donations going to our non-profit organization, Artists for the Arts Foundation.

The next gig worth a special mention is a FREE Pine Mountain Logs gig on Sunday, July 24, at the Playa Vista concert dome....outdoors on a huge grass field. Bring a picnic lunch and some lawn chairs, and soak up the California sunshine.

We're finally getting back to Lake Arrowhead this Summer....Saturday, August 13. It's kind of a Venice / Pine Mountain Logs co-bill. Reserved tables are sold out, but there are always places to pull up a chair or dance the night away.

Last but not least, I'm working on booking a short Venice tour in Holland in November. You'll be able to read all about that at Venice Central and on our Facebook page if and when it's confirmed.

Please don't forget to visit . Tom Lennon and Charlie Vaughn's new CDs (which i produced) are waiting for you to pick 'em up and give 'em a listen! We sold over 200 of each CD during the Ven-ish tour in Holland, and we've received great reviews from happy customers. You can listen to audio samples on the site. Oh yeah, and there's a money back guarantee from yours truly!

Well, I really look forward to seeing you all at an upcoming Venice or Logs show. Please forgive me if you notice that I'm a bit "happy" on stage.......The Boys are back in town!!!!!

Thanks again for all your support.

Michael Lennon