Facebook Instructions

Attention all Facebook users!  There's been an upsetting development in the way that site is run, and the unfortunate result is that most of you are no longer receiving Venice's posts.  What they've done affects all band pages, movie pages, book pages, etc. Anything "promotional," as opposed to personal.  It used to be that whenever we posted a status update, a picture, a song, whatever, it would send it out to every single person who is subscribed to our page.  Well, no longer.  Now it tells us, underneath every post we've made throughout our history, what percentage of subscribers it actually send that post out to.  And usually that number is right around the 25% mark.  Which means that the site deliberately and arbitrarily chose 75% of you to not receive it.  But here's the rub: On every single individual post, it now offers us a "Promote" option, where we can pay them money to increase the number of fans who will receive that specific post.  To get the note/video/picture/song to show up on the walls of 100% of our Facebook fans, it will cost us $50.  Not as a one-time payment, this is $50 PER POST. Ludicrous, right? For something that only a short time ago it did automatically, for free.

But there is something you can do, at least for yourself. Follow these instructions to guarantee that you'll receive all of our subsequent updates:

1) Sign into Facebook.
2) Go here:
3) Hover your cursor over the "Liked" box.
4) Put a checkmark next to the words "Show in News Feed."

In addition, go ahead and scroll down on that main Venice page, to catch yourselves up on everything you've missed.

And if you're not already subscribed to our mailing list, please take a minute and join up, to make sure you don't miss any important announcements: