Kipp Lennon Announcement

Hey everybody!

We have, in the previous week, taped two different promo appearances for the upcoming AFTAF shows.

First, Marty and I did an hour-long interview with Cynthia Fox for her "Spotlight on the Community" show, which airs on Sunday morning here in LA, on 95.5FM, from 6 to 7am, and then will be a podcast on the KLOS website, here:

I believe people in other time zones can also listen to it streaming live using this link.

Second, Venice spent the day yesterday taping a whole episode with Mark Steines of his new show, "Home & Family," on the Hallmark Channel. We did some singing and interviews, and even played a music trivia game with hosts/guests. That show will air on Monday morning, 10am/9 central.

Kipp Lennon