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New Website

As you've probably noticed, has turned into, with a whole new look and design.  A huge thank you to Emile Bastings from Bastings Webdesign for working night and day for months to create it, under the guidance of Michael Lennon, Matt Levitz, and Randy Chase. 

Michael Lennon's Newsletter

Dear Friends
Welcome to the New Venice Newsletter!

After all the years of "text only" newsletters you've endured, we figured it's time to step it up. We have a new mail program that allows us to do some pretty cool stuff, and with the help of my daughter Avalon, and her creative eye, we put this together for you.....we hope you like it.

Michael Lennon's Newsletter

Dear friends,

As we prepare for our trip back to Holland, and our first band trip to Paris, France (as well as our very first ever concert in that country), we wanted to update you on all things Venice.

Venice Promo Video

The venue for Venice's Paris show is in the heart of the city, close to Saint Germain Des Pres and Notre Dame.

"What Summer Brings" Album Preview

Michael Lennon's Newsletter

Hello friends,

As you might have guessed, the band has been working hard on our new Venice album, "What Summer Brings." I can't wait to share all these new songs and new sounds with you all.

Michael Lennon's Newsletter

Dear friends,

I'm writing to update you on "What Summer Brings"......our new album and the upcoming tour.

Kipp Lennon Announcement

Hey everybody!

We have, in the previous week, taped two different promo appearances for the upcoming AFTAF shows.

Kipp - Chris Comment on Mark's Appearance on "The Voice"

My cousin and bandmate, Marky was on "The Voice" last night.  Of course, a lot of you know that already.  Anyway, I just want to say I'm so proud of him for giving it a shot and doing the best he could with what they gave him.  I'm so often frustrated by the way show-biz works (or doesn't) on these kinds of shows, and this was SO excruciating to watch. 

CSNY Tribute CD

On October 15, a CSNY tribute CD will be released entitled "Music is Love," and it will contain a brand new Venice recording, a cover version of Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush."

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